“Hey this is Frisco’s Mommy! I just found you guys on your website! I can’t tell you how much I love my baby! I get so many compliments he’s seriously the best!”


“Thank you so much for our sweet boy. We named him Dobby (like from harry potter) and he is incredibly sweet and cuddly and loves everyone!!”
“OMG we are over the moon in love with her! Thank you! There aren’t words to describe how thankful we are for this new love in our life!”


“Happy New Year! I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday. Just wanted to update you that Ziggy has settled in beautifully and we are all so in love with him. Here are a few pics of him living his best life… lol. Thanks again!”


“I hope you had a good holiday. I wanted to send a photo of Brutus. He turned one this week. We love him so much. He’s very social and we get so many compliments about him and how beautiful his color is. I go to your website often to see the cute puppies. I keep telling Eric that Brutus needs a friend 😊. Hope you and your family are well. Happy New year!”


“Stanley Stefanski will be three years old in January and is just the greatest joy. So glad we got him from you guys. Don’t let the big beard fool you. That man is obsessed with his pomeranian.”


“Hello! Just letting you know that Abbie is doing wonderful. She is so sweet, independent, and smart and she gets along with everyone. She is absolutely adored. She loves sleeping on my dad’s stomach and trying to chew the buttons on his shirt. Here are some pictures and videos of her.”


“Dixie is doing great we love her so much. She is the best dog we have owned!”


Amazing Pauley

Rating: 5

We got our Pauley a week ago and couldn’t be happier. We were looking for a pomeranian in a specific color, but when I came to AKC  POMERANIAN PUPPIES BREEDER and look at the available puppies photos, my heart skipped a bit when I saw Pauley. All of AFBPB puppies are the cutest I’ve seen.  We got a healthy and handsome boy with the exact Pomeranian personality, so sweet and cuddly but also funny, playful and with a mind of his own. Dealing with them was a breeze, very professional and they answered all our questions, even after purchase, they keeps answering any question I send them way. And as a newbie, I really appreciated the basket he gave us full of useful goodies for the puppy.DerynaOH


Wonderful temperament, smart, handsome pup

Rating: 5

I looked for quite awhile for a quality breeder as I had issues with previous breeders. We couldn’t be happier with Bodhi. He is smart, funny, and a joy to be around. He is 4 months old and we began obedience lessons this week. The trainer could not get over his temperament and how quickly he caught on. He has integrated well into a house with a very alpha female Pomeranian . AKC POMERANIAN PUPPIES BREEDER was great to work with. Like the other reviews you will see that they take time to answer all your questions and gives you confidence in your choice of a breeder. Wonderful dog – he really turns heads too. Very handsome. LindaPA



Rating: 5

Here is an update on Rocky, he is almost 5 months old and the perfect gentleman, everyone falls in love with him because of his coloring its amazing, we love him to dead, thank you once again for a great puppy.Kathy PA


Anderson- now rocky

Rating: 5

Its only been one week but I couldn’t be happier, Rocky is so precious and lovable, he is worth every penny we spent on him, thank you so much, it’s nice to know there is honest people out there and great breeders of the pomeranian KathyPA


Best decision ever thanks to AKC POMERANIAN PUPPIES BREEDER!!

Rating: 5

Picking my puppy from them was the best decision I made! they were easy to work with, extremely responsive to all my questions and kept me updated with pictures and video’s the entire time we waited to bring Milli home! Milli is so loving and was so easy to train! This family produces happy, healthy puppies and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality dog! Thanks to this entire family! KaleyTX



Rating: 5

We picked up Chip (now Freki) when he was 10wks old. He is now 5 months old (almost 6). It was an amazing experience. We have been infatuated with him ever since. Not only is he beautiful, but he is the sweetest most well-behaved little man. He is so snuggly! We can’t wait to get him a play mate! I would 100% would reccomend AKC POMERANIAN  PUPPIES BREEDER to anyone who wants a healthy, beautiful pomeranian puppies. FaithWashington, D.C. 



Rating: 5

I looked for sometime before finding AKC POMERANIAN PUPPIES BREEDER and I’m so glad I did. Gracie is so sweet, smart, spunky and has the best personality!!! They’re great to send me pictures and videos during the long 8 weeks until I was able to bring her home. I would definitely recommend them to find your perfect pom. I will be back in a year or so for a new family member 🙂Sherry OH



Rating: 5

After exploring all breeds of dogs we thought a pomeranian  would be a perfect dog for my family. We got in contact with AKC POMERANIAN PUPPIES BREEDER and they were so nice and took such good care of Luna until I adopted her. They gave Luna such a good life when she was with them and they trained her very well. If youre getting a Pomeranian I recommend you get it from AKC POMERANIAN PUPPIES BREEDER!AllieOH


Life is Perfect with Pharaoh (Listed as Clifford)!

Rating: 5

After wanting a dog for some time I began interviewing several pomeranian breeders across the country. I am located in Los Angeles and was originally hesitant about getting a dog, especially one so small, shipped all the way to me from Ohio. But AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder made the process so easy. He was there to walk me through all my questions and needs, sent photos and videos as Pharaoh (listed as Clifford) was getting closer to coming home, and made sure all his paperwork was sent to me and his shipping was squared away! I couldn’t be more happy and I wouldn’t have wanted to get my bundle of joy from anyone else! Pharaoh is lively, loves to cuddle, and is already taking easily to training! If you are looking for a family/vet run breeder that is worth every penny you have come to the right place! Samantha CA



Rating: 5

hello ive had my baby only one week she is playful, smart and loves all strangers, in less than a week she changed to loving her crate which is now her safe zone, shes laying in one of her 3 beds eating organic spinach as I type this, ty AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder for Olivia, she has changed my life, wow these dogs are very unique n amazing ,I would recommend AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder TO ANY1 who wants a healthy happy puppy !! ty again AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder KeithOH


Gia – Beautiful Blue Brindle

Rating: 5

Thank you for answering all of my questions because I know I had a lot of them. Everything went smooth and Gia is settling in wonderfully! She is one smart pup and probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Thanks again!!!TiffanyTX



Rating: 5

So grateful for my Walter! He is such a great pup! I am beyond thankful and extremely happy with AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder and the quality of service provided by AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder. AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder kept me updated with photos, videos and information about Walter as he grew up. Thank you so much and I would highly recommend this breeder if you are considering a poms for your familt! Xoxo! Lindsey NC



Rating: 5

I picked up Baby Gracey on Dec. 2, 2016 and I couldn’t be Happier with her. She’s a gorgeous Pomeranian and extremely healthy. When I picked her up AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder answered all my questions and was very helpful throughout the whole process. AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder sent me pics and videos of Gracey while I was waiting for her to turn 8 weeks old. I had Gracey checked out by my Vet the same day I picked her up. My Vet said Gracey was in excellent health. Honestly I couldn’t be more Happy with my Gracey. Thank you AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder for such a great puppy. I would highly recommend AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder !Jeremy OH


Hercules chocolate Merle

Rating: 5

First off I would like to just take a moment and say WOW!! Hercules the chocolate Merle is absolutely everything I looked for in a poms and more ! I am always worried about scammers online and am always hesitant into doing online purchases but I would like to let everyone know how EASY and smoothly my transaction went with AKC Poms Puppies Breeder . They were helpful throughout the whole process from sending me pictures and videos of the pup to giving me valuable information about Pomeranian ! I am a small Breeder from California and when I first saw our puppy Hercules I said to myself, I MUST HAVE HIM. so that’s exactly what I did .AKC Poms Puppies Breeder advised me on when and where to pick up my pup (after making arrangements of course) . We used united Pet Safe and must say anyone that wants to get a pup shipped from AKC Poms Puppies Breeder should do it and not hesitate. HERCULES looked even much better in person than in pictures . Trust me pictures DO NOT DO HIS PUPS JUSTICE . His colors are absolutely AMAZING ! Look forward to recomending them to all breeders and pet owners that would like a quality pup. THANKS ALOT AKC Teacup Pomeranian Puppies Breeder !!! Jose Lopez Jose CA


Ellie Mae (olive)

Rating: 5

We couldn’t be more happy with our new addition to our family. I found AKC Pom Puppies Breeder through petfind.com and contacted them through email. they replied in less than an hour! We eventually ended up talking on the phone for about 45min and he gave me so much information that I felt so comfortable purchasing my puppy with him that I never thought twice about it again. He sent me videos each week so I could watch her grow until I got her. Which I loved loved loved having! And they never made me feel like I was hassling him, in fact I would say he completely understood. The pick up process went flawless. I flew in from Seattle and they knew our flight home would be long so they gave me a great puppy package and a tired puppy. Since she had been home she has been loved non stop. She came to us well socialized, prespoiled and very loved so the transition has been easy. I would highly recommend AKC Pom Puppies Breeder! Thank you! LisaWA


Ox (This boy is amazing)

Rating: 5

I was referred to AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder by a friend who had just gotten a pup. After seeing the picture of Ox who was the littermate to my friends pup i had to have him. She gave me the contact info and after speaking with they and seeing a few videos of the beautiful pup i didn’t hesitate on arranging to have him picked up. AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder was more than helpful with sending me pictures and also videos of my boy. The pick up process went as smooth as could be and my boy Ox made is to Atlanta and looked better in person than in the pictures. I would just like to thank AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder for this wonderful boy and the great service. I look forward to coming back and getting another pup from AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder. Thanks again jamesGA


Sweet Linus (Asher)

Rating: 5

I picked up little Linus (Asher) yesterday from AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder. He couldn’t be more adorable. I took him to my vet today for a check up and he got a clean bill of health and lots of love from the vet and the techs who couldn’t say enough about him being so sweet and gorgeous. Thank you so much to AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder for making it possible for me to bring this little guy into my life at a time when he is much needed. It’s obvious how much they both care about their pups and the families they go to. I couldn’t be happier!AnnMD



Rating: 5

We found our perfect puppy when we found AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeders. We adopted Ace who is such a happy and healthy little guy! Full of energy and so sweet. From our first inquiry to the adoption day there was great communication and all the questions we had were answered. Even the day after we brought him home we had a follow up from AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder who wanted to make sure everything was going well, which it sure was!! We highly recommend AKC Pomeranian Puppies Breeder, we couldn’t be happier. SarahOH


What Our Costumers Are Saying…

One of the best things about being a breeder is all the puppies and dogs that we get to fall in love with – whether they are a part of our lives for a few years or as short as a couple months. Each one is so unique, special, and unforgettable. It is a hard thing to say good-bye, and nothing makes us happier than for those of you who have adopted a AKC Pomeranian Breeders to keep in contact with us (whether you adopted a puppy or a retiree). We appreciate all of you who have done so – we love to know how they are doing and to see them grow. A special thanks goes to those who have sent us a testimonials (we appreciate your time and kind words) and we invite any of our clients who would also like to be a part of our page to feel free to do so.

Testimonial from Kristen of OR, who adopted Trenton (Lewis) from Sadi’s litter:

I can not say enough nice things about AKC Pomeranian Breeders! I have been wanting a Pomeranian  for a few years now. I happened onto their website and fell in love with their dogs. The majority of them had the real stocky/bully look that I wanted.

I contacted them first with a few questions and then decided to get on their waiting list. They have always been great about responding to all my questions.

I made the waiting list deposit, the deposit to hold Lewis (formerly Trenton), and final payment by Zelle Pay to Wells Fargo Account. AKC Pomeranian Breeders gave me their Zelle Pay info and I was able to make deposits at a local branch into their account. My sister, who also bought a Pomeranian , used Zelle Pay for the two deposits. I always sent them a copy of the receipts (Screenshot) via email or text so they would have them for their records. They always sent immediate confirmation.

Their Puppies are very smart. They are well socialized and love all people, dogs & even cats. That they came well socialized is hugely important to us since they both come to work with us. (Along with a Chocolate Lab, Rottweiler, and Irish Setter.)

Our vet came to check them 3 days after we picked them up at the airport. She was impressed not only with the health and condition of the pups but also with how thorough the records and paper work from AKC Pomeranian Breeders was. She said she’s seen a lot of Breeder records/contracts and theirs was the best she’s ever seen. She said they do a really nice job and that seeing that told her that they really know what they’re doing. To me, her comments were another affirmation that I made the right decision to get a AKC Pomeranian Breeders.

Lewis and Frank are both doing great. Lewis sleeps through the night in his crate. I was worried that he would whine about being in there but he really prefers to have his own space when he sleeps. As I said, they’re both office dogs. They play in my office or in the backyard and then take naps behind our desks. Everyone who meets them adores them. How could you not?

Lewis is exactly what I envisioned my Pomeranian to be. Sounds cheesy but he’s my dream Pomeranian come true.

I promise you, if you decide to get a dog from AKC Pomeranian Breeders, you won’t be sorry. AKC Pomeranian Breeders is awesome to deal with and their dogs are amazing. My eight year old daughter said to me one day, “It’s not that we just got a dog. It’s like we got new friends too.”

You can not go wrong with a AKC Pomeranian Breeders.


Hi AKC Pomeranian Breeders:

Just wanted to update you on Lola (Presley). She is doing wonderful and is a great addition to our family!! Frank (formerly Grant) wasn’t too sure about her at first, but now they are buddies.

Thank you again for such wonderful dogs.


Hey there,

In short, Hamilton is great. He is very sweet and mild mannered, but can be very friendly and playful when appropriate. Living in New York, he was people-socialized about 15 min after we took him outside for the first time, since nearly everyone stops to ogle and pet him. (One Saturday when he was ~12 weeks, I took him outside to pee and a 10-15 person line developed as people waited their turn to pet him…:) We are introducing him to other puppies and dogs as much as possible, and so far he plays appropriately with them without any aggression or (much) fear.

He is as cute as they come, and developing well. He is quite symmetrical, and becoming more solid and bully by the day. His coat is beautiful, with the blue on his muzzle and tail fading to a nice dusty grey, and a faint stripe of darker tipped hairs down his back. Folks consistently compliment his color on the street. His eyes have faded to greyish hazel.

We will also send a few more pictures as he gets older. Thanks again for a wonderful puppy!



Klein is doing well.. He is such a snuggle bug. He is huge and thinks that he is a lap dog. We couldn’t picture life without him and thank God that we found you guys everyday. We love our Kleiny-poo!

Thought I’d share our Holiday Card (I’ll try to send one in the mail soon!) XOXOX – Happy Holidays!

Randy, Jaime, Gavin, Hailey & Klein


I wanted to let you know what a great experience this has been. Being a breeder myself I couldn’t have asked for anything better. You have gone above and beyond with your breeder program and I am impressed. My vet said she has heard of you and loved Fiona. She even took pictures of her for herself. I will keep you posted on her development and future babies.

Thanks again!!!! We LOVE her!!!

Hi Ladies~

Thought I would send you a quick email to let you know Felix (fka Blade) and Chloe (fka Cambree) are doing quite well. They have been home for almost a month now and are adapting well. They are both so cute and sweet, we just love them so much! Chloe is a daddy’s girl and is a play time instigator! She picks on her big brother, even though she is more than 1 lb smaller than Felix. Chloe is weighing in at 8.6 lbs and her eyes have turned a Forrest green color… she may be one of the cutest puppies I have ever seen (of course, I am biased). Felix is 10.2 lbs and his eyes continue to change, right now they are a greenish-yellow. He is my baby – a loyal little boy already! Both puppies have the greatest personalities and are a joy to play with. I’ll try to send some more pictures when they are about 6 months old so you can see their development.

Hope you both are well!



I want to thank you for Blue Lakely! I renamed her Indigo and she is the best dog ever. My fiancé and I just love her to death. She has brought so much joy to our lives. I can just look at her and smile. She is such a clown, the way she sleeps, eats, barks, it’s all very different to what I’m used to seeing in a dog. But hilarious! And loving, such a loving dog.

I get compliments all the time from people who meet her. Everyone loves her. I always refer people to your website.

Wish you all the best!



Gator is doing amazing! He is the best dog ever… So loving, so sweet and so funny! I swear he thinks he is a bunny rabbit the way he runs and hops around the house and farm! He’s a very happy, happy, happy dog! We absolutely love him. He’s growing up nicely and his blue color is beautiful! I will be a long time costumer of yours for sure and will be buying another dog in the future!

Thanks so much and hope you all are well. 


Mr. Chow is doing great, and is as cute as ever. We love him so much we would like to get another one, preferably a female. We are moving into a larger place with more land in September, so we were thinking about getting a puppy soon after. We were wondering if you have any litters coming up around that time and how long the wait list is. We hope your family is doing well and that you are enjoying your summer! Here are some photos of Mr. Chow and his pack, also some of his future playground. This was a horse farm and we have about 500 acres of trails right behind our home. We will have some very happy dogs! ?
All the best!

Darin and Pamela

Yoshi is and is doing absolutely amazing! He’s so full of energy, loves running around and being outside, he loves his walks around the neighborhood and is just such a lover We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Pomeranian . He is everything we wanted and more!!! Yoshi is already fully potty trained and is such a good boy. He’s been everywhere with us this summer! We took a trip to Idaho to visit my family, he’s been to the beach, the park, everywhere we go. He’s a spoiled boy Yoshi is growing by the day! His murmur hasn’t stopped him one bit, he is a healthy strong boy! Kris and I will keep you up to date. Thank you so much for Yoshi! He has been such a joy to have in our lives! We love him so much He is perfect!

-Crystal and Kris


I just wanted to let you know that Dextus has made me the happiest girl in the world! Today was the first day he had no potty accidents in the house and he sat on command. I cant believe how smart he is! My bull mastiff Titan is slowly warming up to lil-Dex. It is so fun to watch them and all my neighbors are in love!

Happy Halloween! -Monica

Nothing like the excitement of going today to pick up a dream come true puppy!!! I cannot wait to see him. 4 months of waiting and today I can cuddle him and give him lots of kisses!! Thanks again, you are amazing to work with. So happy with our new baby, he is amazing in every way. Can’t thank you enough for let me owner this special boy! “StarSeed” aka Simba Welcome home.

Suzane A.

​Well, he has a name…Earl (it was Marc’s grandfather’s name, so puppy’s full name is Earl LaPerle, I giggle every time I say it 🙂 Well, he has a name…Earl (it was Marc’s grandfather’s name, so puppy’s full name is Earl LaPerle, I giggle every time I say it 🙂 Earl’s an absolute darling!!! He’s so healthy, happy and my goodness he’s sooooooo affectionate (he’s a cuddle monster!!) we’rs completely in love with him.

Michael N.

​I wanted to thank you personally for such an amazing puppy!! She has been a perfect addition to our family and we adore her so much already in the short period of time we’ve had her!!! Thank you so much!

Contois S.

Hi there

This is Toni Watson, from the gold coast! I bought my little man from you in September last year and thought it was about time i gave you an update!

His grown heaps, and has turned into a handsome little boy. Very cheeky too, he loves playing tricks and trying to out smart us all the time! His learning very quickly and easily, he knows all the basics now and has started learning to stop and wait at the roads edge until i tell him its safe too cross! I also wanted to let you know that were thinking of getting a little girlfriend

for him within the next few months! And were hoping to get her from you! We’ll have to make sure she’s just as crazy and full of energy as him though so she can keep up haha. He’d definatly love someone to play with.

But i suppose the best thing to do is just keep checking your website once when ready to buy her !

Thanks again for George, his an amazing little guy and has made us very happy! He was definitely a great addition to our little family.

Talk soon,


Thank you so much for my christmas card. Mum and Dad read it to me and I felt very special receiving my own card in the mail!….Christmas was GREAT – I went to my grandparents place with mum and Dad and met my brother in law Karnak… this HUGE doberman who I gave a good run around. He was really gentle with me and let me stand on his head. I got lots of new presents and ate VERY well….. I LOVE my food every day and now weigh 3.5kgs. The vet tells me I’m super healthy and everyone at the beach and on the streets around our local cafes always stops to say hi…. some girls even call out across the road to have a look at me and tell me I’m the most beautiful dog they’ve seen!….so I must be good looking!…. I even got a present sent to me from Japan from two lovely friends of mum and dads and one is a disney jacket for winter time…. and a squeeky ducky that’s my favourite toy in the world. Today I’m going to Newcastle to meet more new people and sleep in the car on the way home….. I love the car too by the way… it always sends me to sleep after lots of running around. Mum carries me too when I’m really tired and I love that cos then I see what’s going on without having to do much….. mum and dad let me sleep on their lap watching TV at night at home as well but then I have my own room for sleeping overnight that’s all mine and I’ve been trying really hard to go outside at night when I need to wee…..This past week though I’ve had 5 days with no accidents at all!!! – It’s my christmas gift to mum and dad because I love them so much……..

Thank you for raising me in my first few months to be such a strong and healthy boy!

I have to go now and help mum hang out the washing… then help dad take out the trash… then say hi to Fred the burmese… whose kind of getting used to me…. sort of…. he knows I’m a baby and lets me run around him without getting too close…..so that’s ok. 

I just wanted to check with you… am I aloud to chew rocks. I love them…. but mum and dad are worried i’m going to swallow them….. and is it ok now that I eat my ENTIRE chicken wing, bones and all….and finally why do I want to bury things…. is that something I save for later or do I just like burying stuff?

Love from Arthur xx

Hello ,

She had a great first night, slept from ten till 4.30am, went to the loo outside then come in and went back to sleep till 7am. so she is doing really well going to the loo outside etc. We are all besotted with her.

Thanks again for everything will send some pics soon.

Annette x


Thought I would send you an update on our pup !

What a wonderful dog! We enjoy absolutely every second with him. He is still a ball of pure energy, very playful, affectionate and everything you want out of a dog. Very smart too – he learnt to sit, stay, come, drop and turn all in an afternoon of mucking around at home. Loves our cat Snoek who we got a few months after we brought him home. Also loves big dogs – the bigger the better in his eyes and runs circles around them.

His colouring has also turned out beautiful with just the right amount of Pomeranian in him.

Just a note to say that we all adore Milly who is now well and truly part of the family. The kids have so much fun with her playful nature and I find her company lovely.



just wanted to let you know his learning to go outside to the toilet and in 2 days his learnt how to sit!! YES TO SIT!! we are just blown away. And cuddles, my god he just loves it, he comes up to you to cuddle you. and when his outside he plays with my toes then rolls over on the grass for me to rub his belly. His just amazing!! we cannot get over how attached he is to us especially me. His just beautiful!!!

Anyways thank you so much for a wonderful present!! love me to you all there, thanks for giving us a lovelly little pup -we do treasure her!!


denis & mary

it has been a wonderful 6 months of Eddy and we are loving every minute spent with him

kind regards


our little girl is fantastic! we both love her to bits!



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